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Expanding Your Business Online

Growing your business in the time of Social Distancing

Every small business is now looking at ways to adapt (or expand!) their business to the new world of Covid. There are as many ways to adapt to the new normal as there are businesses, but some of the more interesting plans that I've heard from clients involve offering Online Courses.

While initially the idea seemed constrained to educational organizations, it quickly expanded into many other industries. Restaurants offering Cooking Classes with their Chefs, Bartenders offering Mixology Classes, Social Clubs offering digital meet-ups, Mechanics offering Car Repair Videos, the options are endless. Which is really exciting until you have to think about how to offer the classes in a convenient way and how to make money off of them.

Looking over the platform options it generally comes down to two of them: Kajabi or Teachable. My personal preference is Kajabi, but they both have similar offerings in many ways. Here is a breakdown of the two: Kajabi v/s Teachable.

Both platforms allow you to integrate your website with your course / video offerings, both allow you to offer free and paid classes, as well as integrate payment options.

How do you see platforms like Kajabi and Teachable being part of how we connect in the future? What videos would you offer as an extension of your current business?

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